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News about past and upcoming productions of 9Realms

New Prefundia Site – Kickstarter Coming Soon!

Hello Everyone! We are excited to announce we will be (attempting) to raise funding via crowd sourcing once again! Yes yes, we’ve tried this before. Twice on Kickstarter, Once on Indiegogo….lets just say we learned from the experience.

We hope to do our next campaign right, ¬†which is why we have launched a prefundia site. Prefundia is a new way to let people learn about your upcoming crowdsourcing project. They can not donate, but they can see what your page will look like, offer their comments, and even subscribe to be alerted once the campaign goes live. It’s a great way to stay informed about a project before its even available to donate too!

So, we are trying with this one. Please feel free to check out the site, let us know what you think of our campaign, and subscribe! It costs nothing and could really help us out in the long run!

Thanks people!


Welcome to the 9Realms Portal!


Welcome to the 9Realms Portal! Here you will learn about everything 9Realms! This means behind the scenes news, first looks at exciting upcoming events, research articles into our source material and much much more!

One unique aspect of this site will be the “Fiction” section, where you will get in depth looks into the fictional elements of the 9Realms universe. It may not be for everyone, but for the fans who want to discover every little detail of this series, this may offer an interesting read.

Please stay tuned to the 9Realms Portal for exciting new updates!