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Looking at the groups in 9Realms


Einherjar are talented warriors, the blood thirsty foot soldiers for Asgardian army. They are vessels, human bodies magically molded from soil and water, given life with the soul of a brave human warrior. (Called Firar by the Gods)



Valkyries roam the realm of Yggdrasil in search of these souls. It is there sole purpose to seek out skillful knights whom are nearing the end of their mortal lives. Upon their violent deaths, the Firar will be captured by the Valkyrie, and transported to the realm of Asgard. This is where they will be implanted upon their new bodies, and serve for eternity as warriors to the Gods. That is, of course, till the end of days.


For your soul to be chosen as an Einherjar is a great honor for some humans. To those with different believes, it is mere torture. They live but a simple existence. Every day, they awaken early to loud crowing of a rooster. Within moments, they charge out to battle against other their kind, numbering in the millions; battling from dawn to dusk. At the end of the day, only a few remain standing.  The human bodies are then recreated. The lingering firar will be once again placed into these vessels. The dead Einherjar are reborn, all wounds healed.

For the remainder of the night, they partake in a grand banquet. Feasting in the great halls ofValhalla, being served mead by women, whom they believe are their Valkyries. They speak of their daily battles, joking with the very men they had just cut to pieces earlier in the day. The champions of the day are rewarded by spending the night with the waitresses.


Upon the next morning, the same. Every day is the similar. An endless loop, a never ending training exercise. Each and every human warrior are training for the final battle. A large scale conflict of God, Beast, and man that will leave all Realms burned to ashes. This will be the end of days that will usher in a new Era, Ragnarok.



Valkyries are the physical forms of very rare souls (called modir by the Gods) that only take the form of woman. Valkyries possess the unique ability to gaze upon the spirits of humans (firar) and foresee their past and future. They may also project thoughts directly into their minds. They may also guide these spirits out of their human vessels and into the afterlife.


Because of this very ability, modir are sought after by the Gods of Asgard. They make for the perfect caretakers, recruiters of human souls. However, unlike the normal human spirit, modir are not easily controlled. They cannot be guided, and unlike firar, are immune to the magical field that protects the gateway realm of Yggdrasil. In essence, once free of their human vessel, modir’s are impossible to capture. Gods must lure, trick, or convince them to join their cause. Once transferred into a new physical vessel, they become Valkyries. If successful in recruiting a valkyrie, the God will bestow his mark as a tattoo upon her face, a trophy claiming rights.


Valkyries spend most of their time roaming Midgard and Yggdrasil, seeking the spirits of skilled warriors that will soon befall death. It is a common misconception among Einherjar (Warriors of the Gods, Physical vessels containing the firar they recruit) that the valkyries serve them mead and beverages every night, during a celebratory feast in the great halls of Valhalla. However these are fakes created by the Gods. There purpose is to keep the men at bay and give them purpose for their daily conflicts.


Valkyries are prized by Gods and Men alike. There concern for the human spirit is almost motherly. They see the human soul in a different light, not as a tool to be used by the gods, but as a beautiful essence of a once greater life form.

The Red Specters

The Red Specters are a covert legion of skilled soldiers, recruited from the likes of thieves, outcasts and murderers. They hold no allegiances to Kings or Dukes. They are effectively a hidden order of killers serving the church. The Red Specters believe their missions are direct orders from God.

The legion was started in Rome by Pope John X in 922 AD. To keep discreet about their existence, they have never grown in figures of more than 200. Each soldier is sworn by oath to live and die as a specter. Upon joining, they surrender all assets to the church and mysteriously leave their families and loved ones for life. The only loyalties held as a Specter are towards their Brethren, the Church, and God. To join the skilled ranks of the Red Specter is to dissolve one of their sins, and to have guaranteed passage into the gates of heaven. This gives the Red Specter complete protection against the future sins they are to undertake as killers for the Church.


With no direct funding, only a holy mission in mind, The specters are equipped with whatever weapons and armor they find amongst their kills. Sometimes this includes armor, hundreds of years old recovered from tombs, and broken and rusty weaponry. The commanders, being wealthy lords, have the finest armor and weapons available.  To hide the soldiers’ humanity, they wear the skulls of their first kill as a mask, died the crimson red shade of blood. this combined with the decaying state of their armor gives them the wanted appearance of undead monsters. It remains unknown to the public who this army serves. Rumors and legends are spread that they are the demonic knights of Lucifer, and that the only protection from the wraiths is by the divine hand of God and the Church.


The Red Specters are led by distinctive bloodlines, Nobles of cunning intellect and strategy. The leaders devote their life to the church, however, unlike their subordinates, they do not surrender their lands, family, or title upon oath. It benefits the church to allow the nobles their title to gain political and religious affluence on the lands.