Niflheim, the realm considered by many to be home of the dead. It’s the coldest and darkest of the 9Realms, this is due to this earth being stuck in a planetary Ice Age. The terrain is rocky and tough, covered in thick layer of snow. Lifeforms are able to exist within this world, however the beings are primitive and dangerous. This is a harsh world, and as such, to live one must be savage. Rough oceans do still exist in this realm, however, most other liquid bodies have frozen over.


Because of the emptiness of this world, the Aesir have created a large prison here, one that bounds and tortures the most notorious of criminals. It is here that Loki is tortured and imprisoned for his crimes in the death of the highly beloved Balder.


Underground of Niflheim is a rare and valuable resource, a liquid that heals the fatal wounds of lesser mortal beings. The name of this green liquid is called Svaenlain, and it is only found within this realm. The liquid has all but lost its use to the Aesir and the Vanir, but other beings still fight over this valuable resource. To keep order, the Aesir appointed Hel, daughter of Loki, to rule the drilling operations. Hel went about creating a barren kingdom, calling it Helheim.

Queen Hel guards the domain with vicious cerberus like creatures called Rakki. Her most dangerous and loyal Rakki is named Garm. To mine the resource, Hel employs the service of a corrupted Valkyrie, whom brings her the souls of humans. Because of this, rumors are spread among the Einherjar that the souls of humans who die of sickness and old age go to Niflheim. This is simply not true.

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