Yggdrasil is the first realm, the realm of all Creation, the realm of Godly Origin. It is considered by all life forms to be “The World Tree”. It is heavily forested. Hidden among the vegetation are eight Fjor Tres (Life Trees), each supporting its own realm. Yggdrasil remains the only way to travel between all the worlds. Long since abandoned by the Gods, there are few life forms that consider Yggdrasil a home. One of these are the Norns, creatures that keep the eight Fjor Tres tended too.


Since Yggdrasil is the only gateway between all the realms, the Gods of the Aesir have long ago cast a curse upon these lands. It is a divine spell that drives all those without protection into madness. This curse prevents large armies of the Vanir, Jotun, and Dark Elves from marching upon Asgard (The Realm of the Aesir Gods). However, this curse also affects those whom must make a natural journey throughout the realm, the souls of men, Firar. This curse causes numerous souls to traverse aimlessly throughout the realm, lost, driven to madness by visions of their mortal life. Their only salvation is to be rescued by Valkyries, whom are naturally immune to the curse, or to be devoured by any of the soul devouring creatures that wander Yggdrasil, often called “Creperum” or “The Darkness


Yggdrasil is a beautiful, yet dangerous world. It is a mystical realm, unmatched by any of the other worlds. It is also the reason for their existence. Without Yggdrasil, the “World Tree”, nothing would exist. This is a truth that is forgotten by most of the Gods

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